Anna Hazare An Honest Leader & Dirty Politicians

Ambika Soni asked Anna Hazare to give it in writing that once the Jan Lokpal Bill is passed corruption will come to an end!(?)All this on the small screen for the whole nation to watch! How sure our statesmen are of their own ability to circumvent law and continue to engage in corrupt practices even after the bill? Earlier Anna Hazare had sought for permission to go on fast protesting against corruption at the J.P Gardens, New Delhi that placed the Manmohan Singh in a dilemma.Now look at this. Her party is in power and she expects this kind of an undertaking from poor Anna who is protesting for the layman’s cause. Yesterday on the Independence Day she says, -Everybody has got a right to protest but prior permission has to be sought keeping in mind law and order and other factors- This coming from the official spokesman of the Congress party on the Independence Day is ironical! Is she aware those who fight with altruistic aims and truthful at heart have the backing of soul-power? Once they are convinced they are on the right path come what may, they march on. Corruption has been the main issue for us laymen for a long time now. We make one step of progress and Corruption pulls us back two! The Peoples’ Movement had been waiting to happen only waiting for an honest man with a strong will to lead it. And this is Anna Hazare for you! Even as I was giving finishing touches to the write-up flash comes the news on Times Now that Anna Hazare and 50 of his supporters have been detained! I’ve an inkling this is going to take an ugly turn. There are too many anti-social elements out there and the Congress Party is notorious for stage-managing trouble in any part of the country particularly in those states managed by opposition parties and right now it is desperately trying to hold on to power. This second freedom-struggle is happening Nation-wide and some trouble somewhere would be provocation enough to clamp yet another EMERGENCY!