What to Look for in Your Contact Lenses

Contact lenses are available in a wide range of options, from prescription lenses for specific eye issues such as Acuvue Oasys for Astigmatism or colored contacts that are used for enhancing eye color. Lenses also differ in materials from which they are made as well as wear and replacement schedules. Considering all these aspects, it’s important to know what to look for in your contacts.

Eye Issues The very first aspect to consider while selecting Contact Lenses is your vision needs. Contacts offer excellent clarity for people with vision issues such as astigmatism or presbyopia. Astigmatism is a common condition that occurs due to irregularly-shaped cornea. It may cause blurriness and you may have trouble focusing on an object at a distance. Presbyopia on the other hand is a condition that occurs with aging and affects the ability to focus on objects that are near. With the right choice of lenses, these conditions can be easily managed.

Contacts for such vision issues like Acuvue Oasys for Astigmatism lenses are designed differently than regular lenses so it’s important to know what type of lens is right for you. Astigmatism lenses are designed to minimize contact lens movement to retain clarity while bifocal or multi-focal lenses are used for presbyopia. Contacts for both these conditions are available in rigid gas permeable and soft form of lenses so you can choose ones you are comfortable with. UV Protection Recent research has shown the harmful effects of UV rays on eye health so contacts like Acuvue Oasys for Astigmatism are a good choice as they block approximately 82% of UV-A rays and 97% of UV-B rays. The blocking agent is clear so it’s doesn’t disturb vision. Protected lenses cover only your cornea, not your entire eye so it’s important to complement the contacts with UV-protection sunglasses.

Comfort Besides clarity of vision, comfort while wearing is an important aspect to look for in your contact lenses. Acuvue Oasys for Astigmatism lenses have a special technology called Hydraclear that makes them comfortable for wearing all through the day. These lenses allow for better transmission of oxygen than conventional lenses. This means less dryness so they are perfect for tough work conditions such as working on the computer for long periods of time.

Where to Buy Choosing contact lenses online can be very convenient as all it takes is a few clicks of your mouse to find the perfect lenses for you. Visiondirect.com is an excellent source for buying lenses online as it offers many brands such as Acuvue, Bausch and Lomb, Dailies, Air Optix and more. They also offer great online discounts and additional services such as free shipping to enhance your lens-wearing experience. Visiondirect.com also offers an easy ordering system along with an option to reorder your last order and schedule an eye exam. To know more visit, www.visiondirect.com

Dieuseul Simon Desras self-proclaimed leader of the opposition

Dieuseul Simon Desras, said to be ready to to give a new breath to the opposition, self-proclaiming, nothing less than the Opposition Leader “Starting today, I declare that I am the leader of the political opposition. Because the opposition is dead and it is perhaps without proposals. An opposition that eventually bent to go to elections with a Electoral Decree while it is reluctant to vote for ages an electoral law, saying it did not want go to elections with Michel Martelly to power.” Let us recall that Desras does not preclude the possibility to be a candidate for the presidency. New Interim Chancellor President Michel Martelly appointed interim Chancellor, ener Renauld, the Minister of Defense. He takes over from Duly Brutus, who announced his resignation on April 5 to become a candidate for President in the next elections.

Cycling Grand Prix of MJSAC Sunday, April 26, will be held the Grand Prix of the Minister of Youth, Sports and Civic Action (MJSAC) (Cycling competition). The course of this competition is as follows : Avenue Magny (departure) – Rue Capois – Ave Jean Paul II – Turgeau – Ave Martin Luther King – Ave Lamartinire (Bois verna) – Rue Capois – Avenue Magny (arrive). This course will be repeated 16 times.

Two vocational training projects Thursday at the Hotel Oloffson was launched two vocational training projects and of lighting within the framework of the program to support the development and reconstruction of Grand’Ravine neighborhoods. 75 young professionals will be trained in several areas to restore meaning to their lives and to that of their community, in parallel, the communities of these neighborhoods will be better informed by installing 70 solar panels for which of technicians in maintenance and repair will also be trained.

Rio 2016 qualifying matches The Juan Ramon Loubriel Stadium in Bayamon Puerto Rico, will welcome all the qualifying matches in Group 1, for Rio 2016. Calendar Haiti: August 21, 2015: Haiti vs Aruba; August 23: Haiti vs Grenada; August 25: Haiti vs Puerto Rico.

2 new leader in OAVCT Gustave Acacia, the Assistant Director of the Office of Insurance Against Third Vehicles (OAVCT) proceeded this week to the installation of Jean Roger Cazeau as the new Executive Director of the institution. Moreover the OAVCT welcomed, wished success and good work to Claude Robinson, the newFinance Director of the institution. Read more Haiti news on haitianhollywood.com

Iran’s Death to America Turns into an American Victory

I still remember having held a meeting in the year 1979 with the Iranian revolutionary delegation under the leadership of the present Imam Khamenei in Makkah. They were staying at Emarah Jiffali (the Jiffali building) at Shahrah e Ghazza in Makkah. I was a former and prominent student leader of Pakistan, and had recently joined my job as an Executive Pharmacist at a Saudi friend’s retail chain. The Imam Khamenei spoke with me in Urdu instead of English.

Though, they were soft spoken, but were hard in their ideological approach. The Shia Muslims brought processions in Makkah and had clashed with the Saudi police promoting their brand of the revolution. They chanted slogans against the U.S., Saudi monarch and Israel.

The next year, after my migration to the U.S., I heard the speech of President Carter over media in New York on the U.S. failed mission to get our hostages released from Tehran. The situation was tense between both the countries. Imam Khomeini, their spiritual and revolutionary leader, who always called for the destruction of America, Israel and Arab regimes, called the United States the -Big Satan-.

On the other hand, Iran remained the axis of evil so far we were concerned.

Today, that so-called “Big Satan” called by Imam Khomeini some 37 years back was the leader of the world to give concessions to Iran on changing her global stance.

Iran became recipient of that concession to rejoin comity of nations.


The United States and Soviets were jointly the super-powers of the world at the time of Iranian revolution.

Today, American exists as the ONLY SUPER POWER on world map.

America is at the giving end of concessions,


Iran is at the receiving end of concessions.

WHO WON, and WHO LOST in the past 37 years?



The friendship with the United States should not be taken for a free ride. It is hard to earn, however most Arab nations, the state of Israel and Pakistan remain the most favored nations of the United States.

Please stay that way, instead of playing Ping-Pong in international politics.

Russians failed to save their favorites, the Saddam &Qaddafi, and would fail to save Assad of Syria.

The terrorist organizations like the Shiite Hezbollah, and Sunni Taliban should surrender their arms and change their ideology from terrorism to peace. Iran’s 37 years of failed struggle against American made America stronger by the day.




ACC Label offering labelling expertise to companies interested in marketing food products in Canada.

ACC Label is a team of nutritionists, food scientists and translators offering labelling expertise to companies interested in marketing food products in Canada.

Food labelling is a crucial part of product development. Food products may be nutritious, delicious, and attractively packaged, but unless their labels conform to Canadian regulations, they may not be sold in Canada.

They provide database and laboratory nutritional analysis to determine the nutritional composition [protein, fat, carbohydrate, etc.] of food products.

Database analysis consists of determining a products nutritional content on the basis of the nutritional values of its ingredients. Good database analysis, however, is not just a matter of entering data into nutritional analysis software and letting the computer do the rest. Extensive food science and nutrition knowledge are necessary to ensure reliable data. ACC Label’s nutritionists have perfected the database analysis methodology to provide accurate results.

Laboratory analyses consist of chemical breakdown of the actual products. ACC Label contracts with laboratories fully accredited by the Standards Council of Canada for such analyses.

Once the nutritional composition of the food product is known, ACC Label produces compliant, print-ready Nutrition Facts tables.

In addition to nutritional labelling, ACC Label provides food label regulatory analysis services. They scrutinize the labels to:

1.determine whether all the mandatory labelling elements are displayed as required by regulations;

2.ensure no label elements are misleading and illegal;

3.recommend appropriate value-added claims [e.g. “Organic”, “Source of “, etc.];


The importance of the legal compliance of food labels cannot be overemphasized, as the consequences of inadequate labelling can be very costly in fines, seizures, label reprints, etc.

Equally important is the linguistic quality of texts. Just as poor graphic design or low quality packaging, poorly written texts convey carelessness and give the impression that the product is of inferior quality.

For outstanding linguistic quality on food labels, you want to rely on people passionate about words who can convey messages with style. Also, you want people with a good knowledge of Canadian labelling requirements who will not alter the legal compliance of your labels. Finally, you want someone familiar with the particularities of the two Canadian official languages, as Canadian French and Canadian English differ from Parisian French and US English.

To complement their nutritional and label regulatory analysis services, ACC Labels offers the linguistic services you need, whether you speak English, French, Italian or Chinese.

The production and sale of quality food products is a challenge in itself. Dealing with food labelling regulations, nutritional analysis and linguistics is a totally different matter. To food manufacturers, importers, distributors and retailers who wish to focus on what they do the best, ACC Label offers peace of mind with respect to their food labelling needs.

Visit ACC Label for more information.

Legal Aid will overhaul and review Family law services

The legal service is considering a raft of changes to try and make its support more accessible to vulnerable people.

We know that lengthy, protracted court cases are not good for anyone, particularly where children are involved.

Victoria Legal Aid will overhaul its family law services to give more help to people whose first encounter with the labyrinthine legal system occurs when they go to court to get a family violence intervention order.

Nicole Rich

People who go to the Magistrates Court to apply for family violence intervention orders could be linked with help to solve their other family law problems.

For the first time since 1974 the service has launched a comprehensive review, responding in part to the huge increase inĀ  people appearing in court on family violence matters.

Statewide, the number of family violence intervention order applications increased 46 per cent between 2009 and 2014.

The legal service is also considering other changes: expanding its outreach services, providing more duty lawyers at family courts, and improving legal information for community workers who help vulnerable people.

On Monday it released an “options” paper, canvassing possibilities put forward by those within the sector and calling for submissions from the public.

Family Youth and Children’s Law director Nicole Rich said well-designed family law services prevented legal problems and resolved disputes quickly.

“We know that lengthy, protracted court cases are not good for anyone, particularly where children are involved,” Ms Rich said.

Early talks highlighted the need to help clients navigate the incredibly complex family law system, she said.

In 2013, Victoria Legal Aid made changes to its eligibility guidelines in order to balance the books in the face of record demand for family mediation and family law proceedings.

In September 2014, Victoria Legal Aid announced it would restore free legal help for family violence victims in child custody battles, reversing the cuts that left some to face their attackers in court alone.

“We acknowledge that these changes have been difficult for many people and we have recently taken action to reduce the effects of these on some of our most vulnerable clients,” the review paper said on Monday.

Federal funding for state legal aid commissions has declined from half in 1997 to about a third of all funding.

Women’s Legal Service senior lawyer Pasana Mutha-Merennege said the changes to funding in 2013 had seen some clients lose their family law funding during trial.

To open the review up to consultation was a positive step, Ms Mutha-Merennege said.

Source : http://www.theage.com.au

School Uniforms Important to presidium Students

School uniforms have ever remained a highly debatable topic among parents, students and educators. The significance of implementation of dress code in schools has been brought under scanner time and again. There are many convincing pros and cons for school uniforms. The basic premise behind school uniform is that it creates equality amongst students and helps to prevent conflict.

Basically, school uniform serves the purpose of being a disciplinary tool. It accurately reflects school’s discipline standard and represents in what school a student goes. No school can function effectively without a disciplined student body and uniform plays a vital role in achieving so. A school may produce excellent result academically but slovenly dressed students leave not so effective impression on others. While, neatly dressed uniformed children undoubtedly suggest that the school is good.

Positive effects of school uniform

Wearing school uniform has many positive effects in a child’s life from promoting discipline to inculcating feelings of belongingness; uniforms aids in the development of a child. It further mushrooms the feeling of unity among students in the school.

A school uniform also saves students from putting their fashion tastes before their learning. Also, it takes the pressure off the children to look fashionable along with other students.

Uniform symbolizes equality and serves as a great leveler making every child look equal. Use of uniforms in schools ensures less competition and less distractions. Uniform gives children a common identity and a sense of belongingness.

For safety reasons also uniforms are good. It makes it easier for educators to identify their students who are dressed alike and keeps students safe from outsiders. Identifying potential threat from interlopers becomes easier.

School Uniforms in Indian schools

Schools uniforms are almost universal in India, from primary to higher-secondary level. School boys generally adorn light-colored shirt and dark long trousers and girls wear shirt and skirt. Some schools employ Salwar Kameez for girls.

One of the popular schools – Presidium senior secondary school strongly believes in the concept of school uniform and realizes its importance. That’s why they have provided students with comfy uniforms which all students love to wear. In order to add little colour and vivacity to their daily uniform routine, they have kept one day of the week for club uniforms. Presidium senior secondary school has six clubs namely Legends, Supremes, Elites, Leaders, Victors and Maestros ; and each of these club has dedicated uniforms in white , black , yellow , blue and green color. Children thoroughly enjoy and love adorning their club uniforms. It provides them much better attitude at school and makes them look trendy as well.

An Example Case of Legal Madness

When your ex decides to file phony abuse allegations so that you’re fighting a restraining order during a divorce case, the legal process is in two stages. The first “ex parte” hearing is one which only needs to be attended by the plaintiff, and a temporary order can be filed against you, which is then served in person. The second formal hearing is where you get a chance to defend yourself against it becoming a permanent order. In-between those two dates you are under the restraining order’s standard restrictions (firearms confiscation, a no contact order, and so on).

Unfortunately for those of us fighting an order because of false accusations, the first hearing is one where judges prefer to “err on the side of caution”. In practical terms, this means that the temporary orders are almost always granted against the defendant. Whilst in legitimate cases this is a good thing, it does lead to sly divorce tactics being employed during many breakups.

One prominent example of where the judge’s tendency to automatically grant the temporary order was abused is in the case of television presenter David Letterman. It reminds us of the ease with which the ex parte hearing judges grant restraining orders, effectively cutting fathers off from their kids until those fathers have a chance to respond in court several weeks later.

Basically, a deranged female fan from New Mexico filed restraining order paperwork against him in 2005. At the ex parte court hearing, Colleen Nestler of Santa Fe explained that the defendant (Letterman) had been harassing her since 1994 into marrying him, as well as exerting pressure to become a co-host on his talk show. He’d been responsible for her bankruptcy declaration and ongoing sleep deprivation problems. The temporary restraining order was granted against Letterman, and a court date set for a second hearing so he could argue his defense.

The method of Letterman’s harassment of this lady was… coded messages and facial expressions in his television presentations. Even more disturbing is that when asked if he might have made a mistake, Judge Sanchez stated in the negative.

The fact is that an applicant need only assert a “fear” of violence in most states for the judge to grant the temporary order, even if none has occurred. A new development in some counties is that applications can be made by telephone, without the need to attend county court the same day.

This situation sums up what fathers are up against when fighting a restraining order as part of strategic divorce maneuvers. The only difference is that their stories aren’t widely publicised to mass outrage, and they often don’t have expensive lawyers to descend upon the case to petition a dismissal before the second appointed court date. Meaning that they don’t get to see their children in the meantime.

Dsw School Programs For The Doctorate In Social Work

The DSW school program is the Clinical Doctorate in Social Work program. The degree is designed to prepare students for advanced clinical practice as well as university-level teaching and research. The Clinical Doctorate in Social Work is geared toward the clinical practice and university-level teaching career path. One also can focus on social welfare as well as scholastic studies and research.

Penn Social Policy & Practice is a school in Philadelphia, PA. They are dedicated to contributing to the advancement of more effective, efficient, and humane human services through education, research, and civil engagement. This has been around for approximately one hundred years and has an excellent reputation. Penns Clinical DSW program is one of the most unique programs in the US. The program is geared toward working professionals. University of Penn offers an intensive, accelerated program that allows students to satisfy all degree requirements, including the dissertation, in three years with minimal disruption in their current career.

A few other reputable institutions you can attend that offer the DSW school program are the Columbia University School of Social Work or Hunter College School of Social Work in New York City. The Columbia University School of Social Work offers doctoral studies and advanced courses. Many graduates of the DSW program attend this school with their focus on research, administration, and policy analysis. The Hunter College School of Social Work is a public institution offering a diverse selection of Social Work degrees. It was established in 1958 and accredited through the Council on Social Work Education. Most graduates from the MSW and DSW programs offered attain positions as clinicians, educators, administrators, policy makers or researchers. Both school programs take roughly two to three years to complete the PhD program for social work plus additional time for writing the dissertation.

Remember, the doctoral degrees offered by these educational institutes in the field of social work are intended for experienced practitioners seeking to further their careers through more in-depth training in research and policy analysis. Social work practitioners who are looking to move into research and teaching often choose this program. However, some students enter the program with the goal of continuing in leadership roles in either agency-based or self-employed social work practices. Often times these individuals will still teach part-time in a school or a department of social work while collaborating on research with their academic colleagues.

The DSW school program offers exciting advancements, and you can take advantage of the program at many colleges and universities throughout the United States.

Sahara Welfare Foundation awarded with Best Corporate Social Responsibility Practices by Asian Lead

Lucknow, September 30, 2013: Sahara Welfare Foundation has been awarded the -Corporate Foundation with Best Corporate Social Responsibility Practices- in a glittering Asian Leadership Awards ceremony held at Dubai. Sahara Welfare Foundation was presented with this prestigious award on the basis of CSR work undertaken by the Sahara Group in uplifting the lives of underprivileged in the country and for the humanitarian work being done under the VEDAS (Village Esteem Development Adoption by Sahara) project. This is the first international award that Sahara Welfare Foundation has received as an organisation.

Speaking on the occasion, Smt. Kumkum Roy Choudhury, Executive Director Worker, Sahara India Pariwar, said -Sahara India Pariwar has always been committed in extending support under the aegis of Sahara Welfare Foundation to the needy and underprivileged in the country. This award is the recognition of our incessant efforts towards mainstreaming the lives of the helpless and underprivileged people. In fact, it’s the firm conviction of -Saharasri’ Subrata Roy Sahara, Managing Worker & Chairman, Sahara India Pariwar that every organization, along with its own development and progress should also contribute towards the cause of the society and the nation at large. This international award will surely act as a catalyst in boosting us with even more confidence to continue our endeavours for the betterment of mankind.-

The Asian Leadership Awards happens to be a leading industry event, recognizing and rewarding outstanding achievements in sustainability in the built environment and are a key benchmark for achieving best practices in the sector. These Awards are endorsed by the Asian Confederation of Business as well as World CSR Day. Over 20 categories under the Asian Leadership Awards recognize the achievements made by selected high profile corporate business leaders in Asia and honour their great contributions towards the country’s post-recession economic development.

Church Consulting and Christian Leadership Training

There are thousands of churches all around the world and most of them are divided into various denominations. In order to run church smoothly and administrating in the right manner, church consulting is a must. To get started with this program, you need to find one such leader who can help to maintain Christina missionary activities and raise fellowship within church and also among members. During the time of the Lord Jesus Christ, there was a requirement of an authentic leader and Jesus Christ was the only man around who lead people and church as well in the right direction.

After his death, confusion went around that who can lead people to the right path. Soon his disciples and people believers took this wonderful task on their shoulder; they traveled all around the world and preached the life changing Gospel and the word of God. Things were different those days, but today the world and time has changed, as well people have changed a lot. At present, people have a split of thoughts and have become more materialistic. In such circumstances, there comes the task of church consultants who are professional in guiding kids, teen, young, and adult and old age people. With the help of Christian leadership program, youths and adult agers can take their life into wide dimension.

Benefits of Church Consulting:

To bring churches closer Impart growth with skill development Raise churches with fellowship program Consulting people on their personal and professional life Run churches in proper manner Train leaders on various church related programs Focus on fund raising to support church and help people in need Focus on Bible training and etc.

These are some of the points on which church consultants focus. However, there are other points on which Christian leadership training spotlights. In order to know details, you can take the help of the internet medium to find out all information. There are good numbers of Church consulting service provider in Australia that are well-known for their impeccable services. To grab such type of services, spend good time online.

Today, church members don’t have the desire to grow positively in fellowship. In such situation, it becomes important to find a good consultation service provider. The growth in churches has made leaders and other office bearers to think about consultation. Keeping this in mind, church leaders are looking to broaden their skills and boost church to greater levels. Hence, what are you waiting for? Get ready to find best Christian leadership training online. Today!

Steyfin Cruch is a renowned church consulting services, christian leadership training, church growth consultants, church consulting training provider renowned for writing Christian fellowship articles and contents related to our society.